Spring Lingerie Lust List

I’ve always loved lingerie, but over the past few years it has taken a backseat to my need for clothing.  Between gaining weight, my body changing shape and changing jobs I’ve had to build my wardrobe from almost nothing.  However, now that I’ve finally settled into a job and  have plenty of clothes for nights out and burlesque ventures,  it’s finally time to start focusing on lingerie!

In the following post, I’ve compiled a number of items that fall into different categories.   Each category represents a different kind of lingerie that I’d like to incorporate into my wardrobe.  With options ranging from bralettes to corsets, I’m sure you’ll find something you love as well.


Lounging in luxury

Lounging in Luxury // A // B // C // D // E // F //

 Luxury loungewear is the ultimate treat.  While I can’t afford anything too expensive like Harlow and Fox, there are still a number of items that I can manage within my budget.  Most of the images above are from brands that I’ve been dying to try, but with prices  just out of my reach!  However,  I recently got a pay increase, and that may be reason enough to treat myself.  I mean, just look at this stuff, the construction alone is swoon-worthy.  Between the Evgenia tap pants (A) and Ayten Gasson overt knickers, I may be breaking the bank.


unwired bliss

Wirefree Bliss // A // B // C // D // E //

Every gal no matter her bust size wants to escape the underwire now and again.  Sometimes I still want support, which is where the What Katie Did pieces (A, C, D) come in.  I can’t imagine anything moving out of place with any of those classic shapes.  On the other hand, the designs on the other two styles are killer!


Harnessed // A // B // C // D // E // F //

A lot of people may be over the whole harness and bondage inspired trend, but as a poor, full busted customer I haven’t had many opportunities to try this trend out.  These pieces cover both underwear and outerwear, with numerous styling options!  Not to mention how awesome is that Ludlique set (F).


Boned and Cinching // A // B // C // D // E //

Corsets have always been an area of interest, but after I had gained weight they became harder to fit.  Not only did my bust get larger but my hip to waist ratio drastically increased.  It’s much harder to find an OTR corset that fits my small waist and large hips, but I’m interested in trying Orchard Corsets level 3 corsets (A, D).  Aside from owning a fully boned corset, I’d be interested in trying a more stylize version.  Evgenia’s ribbon corset (C) would be stunning over top of a black silk dress, and I happen to have one that’s a little big in the waist.


seductive shapewear

Seductive Shapewear  // A // B // C // D // E //

Pretty shapewear rules my life.  I’m a huge sucker for anything that looks great while smoothing me out and sucking me in.  Gossard (A, D, E) is constantly releasing stunning creations that are nothing short of elegant.  The styles above are items I need in my life, and I’m hoping to collect them all.

Blackened Hearts

Blackened Hearts // A // B // C // D // E //

You will always find black fabric in my lingerie drawer.  I love the contrast with my pale skin.  When you add in interesting design elements, that contrast becomes even more intriguing.  I’ve always loved Huit (B), and when I learned that the style above comes in my size I was thrilled!  Huit doesn’t always go up to an F cup so I’m not sure if the fit will be perfect, but the shoulder details are to die for.

Bold and Bright

Bold and Bright // A // B // C // D // E //

Finally, we reach the boldest and brightest of my list.  I’m a sucker for color and print, and many of these items will be unlike anything else in my wardrobe!  Playful Promises (B, C) started carrying F cups within the past year or so, but I simply haven’t been able to try the full bust styles.  Now that I can, I’m ecstatic, QUARTER CUP BRAS!!!!  Huzzah!!! Also Maraki (A) will be launching this month (hopefully), and I will have to purchase that sequined set.  I’m super excited for Maraki, as I haven’t seen styles like this offered for full busted gals before.


5 thoughts on “Spring Lingerie Lust List

  1. I also love these grand lists of yours Tulip! I’m already in love with the Eternal Smoothing Skirt from the Seductive Shapewear and the Mia Kimono print bra & Gwendolene teal quarter cup bra in the Bold & Bright section :)!

    1. No, thank you for making such stunning items! I’ve been lusting after your lines for years, they just been a little out of my reach until my most recent promotion. I can’t wait to try one of your ribbon corsets!

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