Through a New Lense


Hi Readers,

It’s been some time since I’ve updated!  Between a rather large move ( I just moved into MY first house), and an overflow of work at the office I haven’t been able to find my computer, let alone update.  However, things have calmed down a bit and I will be starting up with blogging again!

The other bit of big news I have for you is that I will now be working Sarah King!  Who I was introduced to by the lovely Jessica of Warning Curves Ahead.  This means that when it’s possible you’ll see some lovely pictures shot by an actual fashion photographer.  Just take a look below for some of what to expect in future posts!

sdr-qCSRCA2ORsOqnrNAdXJvIMUCek4cBn2xtVcHLug,X9rYwUAaBzTazbrRw2wzrB5GtuXCD5AxZIhGtdvNh5c,WxictZCa5AwiYx3eQApn_zSGPEhvuvI04Z-gG-4BGEY  -SLlVDMC9971ubks9Ku1Ps8m0GvGw1tEN82wSwLclDY,xMdDoBz-t8-Qr0cv67p_aS_uuTfR9geJ2j5OjOpGbi4


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