Maraki Intimates: A Full-Busted Love Affair

Carapace Longline Bra and Hi-Risers $235.00


For what seems like an eternity, Maraki has been teasing us with beautiful images of their launch collection.  I have been sitting on my hands waiting for this collection to launch, and now product images have finally hit the site with “coming soon” notifications.


Double Paramount Longline Bra and Paramount Suspender Hi Risers $215


This collection is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in this size range.  A stunning luxury collection, incorporating bondage and architectural elements, while maintaining a fun and flirty edge.


Simpatico Bra and Suspender Belt, with Carapace Lowlies $300


Not only do these pieces look stunning, they also appear to provide quite a bit of structure and support.  Many of the pieces could be worn as outerwear, if styled the right way.


Carapace Cross Front Bra and Carapace Hi Risers $130


The bright colors of this collection keep it from feeling dour, or close to the bondage themes that we’ve seen in past seasons.  Even in the Paramount styles, which are mostly black mesh, the bright color straps pop adding depth to the design.


Paramount Night Dress $189


Best of all the collection includes a night dress, perfect for lounging around the house, drinking tea, and engaging in decadent behaviors.


Reticulate Bra and Hi Risers $260


Are you starting to share my love affair?  Find more at


One thought on “Maraki Intimates: A Full-Busted Love Affair

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