One years time.

Wow, I can’t believe it has been a year since I last posted, and longer yet since I was really active.

A ton has changed in the past year, I moved (which I will be doing again next year… it’s never ending), nearly lost my job several times due to funding issues, kept job and got a promotion, started a business, and for the first time in my life started to feel like I’m actually in control.  With everything that is going on, the last thing that makes sense is to start blogging again, I just miss it so goddamn much.

I’m looking forward to launching myself back into the blog-0-shpere, but I won’t be returning as a “fashion blogger”.  If you read for the lingerie and pinup clothing, that will be continuing, but I’m going to use this as an outlet for myself.  Posts about gaming and comics will be mixed in more frequently, and maybe the occasional rant about society, you’ll definitely  hear about my business (, check it out), and about my increasing struggle with hypersensitivity.

I hope that you end up enjoying the new content!

Oh and expect a re-branding soon!


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