Discontinued Beauties: Trashy Diva 40’s Kimono Dress

Every now and again I pick up a dress on eBay, or a swap/sell FaceBook group that has been long discontinued by the manufacturer.  Sometimes it’s an older style that I’ve never got around to purchasing, other times it’s a style that I didn’t necessarily want until after seeing it styled in real life.  This dress certainly falls into the former category.

As someone who tries to provide reviews more than style guides I don’t really feature discontinued items all that much.  However, since I’m turning over this new leaf, I want to share as much as possible with you.  No more hiding these stunners in the back of the figurative closet!


This dress is a discontinued beauty from Trashy Diva. Based on their classic 1940’s Dress, this silhouette features a deconstructed elongated sleeve inspired by the kimono.*  The sleeve adds a bit of coverage and updates the classic vintage-inspired style.  At first it felt a bit like a graduation gown to me, but after getting used to the overall look, and some encouragement by my partner I fell in love with it.


It is important to note that while I did opt to wear this dress out, it does need alterations.  As a plus size, full busted woman with a short torso, this dress became quite reveling.  The low cut bust line is very flattering, but even with the deepest of plunge bras, I was still flashing! In the image above you can see the bright pink bow at the gore of my bra. In addition my torso length assured that the shoulders would not stay up without some coercion.


If you have a longer torso, you may not have the same problems I did. This dress certainly seems to have been created with taller ladies in mind, but I still love it.  With just a little bit of pinching and pulling, I was able to make the dress look much more flattering on my body type. Between pulling the shoulders up, adding just a little more coverage at the bust, and shortening the hem a few inches this beauty will look loads better on me.


Til then, this all rayon, hypersensitivity friendly frock will still serve for a night out with my darling monster. After all, it is one of the few dresses he really likes on me.

* Please note that Trashy Diva called this the 1940’s kimono dress, but in an attempt to step away from cultural appropriation, I opt to call these elongated sleeves.  Kimono’s are a garment of cultural significance, learn more here.

Images in the post were retouched for color and light only, no alterations have been made to the body.

If you are interested in purchasing the  1940’s Dress,  and are looking for a size reference my measurements are 46-35-46 and I am wearing a size 18.



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