Spring Lingerie Lust List

I’ve always loved lingerie, but over the past few years it has taken a backseat to my need for clothing.  Between gaining weight, my body changing shape and changing jobs I’ve had to build my wardrobe from almost nothing.  However, now that I’ve finally settled into a job and  have plenty of clothes for nights out and burlesque ventures,  it’s finally time to start focusing on lingerie!

In the following post, I’ve compiled a number of items that fall into different categories.   Each category represents a different kind of lingerie that I’d like to incorporate into my wardrobe.  With options ranging from bralettes to corsets, I’m sure you’ll find something you love as well.


Lounging in luxury

Lounging in Luxury // A // B // C // D // E // F //

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Lust List: Velvet.


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Lust List: Nerdy Goodies

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Collection Spotlight: Dollhouse Bettie’s French Quarter


While i love high end designers I simply can’t reconcile paying designer lingerie prices so I am always on the look out for luxe lingerie that I can actually afford.  That’s where collections like this decadent, yet surprisingly affordable French Quarter Collection from Dollhouse Bettie come in.   Click after the break for more images and styles.

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