One years time.

Wow, I can’t believe it has been a year since I last posted, and longer yet since I was really active.

A ton has changed in the past year, I moved (which I will be doing again next year… it’s never ending), nearly lost my job several times due to funding issues, kept job and got a promotion, started a business, and for the first time in my life started to feel like I’m actually in control.  With everything that is going on, the last thing that makes sense is to start blogging again, I just miss it so goddamn much.

I’m looking forward to launching myself back into the blog-0-shpere, but I won’t be returning as a “fashion blogger”.  If you read for the lingerie and pinup clothing, that will be continuing, but I’m going to use this as an outlet for myself.  Posts about gaming and comics will be mixed in more frequently, and maybe the occasional rant about society, you’ll definitely  hear about my business (, check it out), and about my increasing struggle with hypersensitivity.

I hope that you end up enjoying the new content!

Oh and expect a re-branding soon!

Something a little more personal …

If you are or have been a regular reader, you’ve probably noticed an extended absence.  I didn’t stop updating because I lost interest or even because I didn’t have the time, but rather because I’ve been overwhelmed.  In the past six months my life went through a myriad of changes.  I found some interesting freelance, quit my job, started temping, quit some freelance, and started a permanent position.  I have been on an emotional roller-coaster and this blog became one of my outlets, but I no longer need it to fulfill that role.

It’s funny to see how life throws little obstacles in your way, leading you to a path you never thought you’d find.  After graduating from college, I was sure that the path I’d be happiest on would be art-related.  When I couldn’t find anything specific to textiles or photography I thought that marketing would allow me to explore my interests while still offering job opportunities.  I found myself working for a small upscale boutique, where I eventually had the responsibility of maintaining their website, social media, and email campaigns on top of my regular sales job.  I convinced myself that since the job was related to my area of interest and the owners were seemingly fair that I’d stay.  In the end the boutique’s sales had dropped and the long time owners were unsure of how to deal with it, they often took it out on their employees and I found myself under an increasing amount of pressure.  During my last few weeks there I woke up crying every morning because I couldn’t bare to go into work.  Then I quit, right in the middle of the day.  It was easily the most horrifying thing I’ve ever done.  I let go of a steady income and job security because one of my bosses pushed me over the edge.  It was during this time that I started the blog and started writing for The Lingerie Addict.  My partner told me that we could survive for a little while and to try and find a job that I’d actually enjoy.  I started off fairly eager to apply for anything that looked promising and landed an interview with an independent lingerie boutique.  I interviewed for a sales position but ended up with a data entry/ web management position.  I was thrilled in less than 2 weeks I’d found employment but once again I was let down.  I ended up agreeing to less pay than I was originally offered because I was told I’d be paid under the table.  The owner of this boutique didn’t offer me regular hours and her communication was highly unprofessional.  I’d get text messages at midnight and would go in during a specified time only for her to be unavailable.  I kept the work since I didn’t have any other mode of income, and kept applying to different jobs.  eventually my saving dried out and my partner became unsettled about our finances so I applied to a couple of temp agencies.  Unfortunately only one turned out to be legitimate, but they found me work in no time.  I began temping for a non-profit and fell absolutely in love.  I was able to make an hourly wage while still maintaining my freelance work and blog upkeep.  It was only once I knew that the assignment was ending that I realized the temp life wasn’t for me.  My temp agency was going through the motions but I felt incredibly insecure about the fact that I had given them weeks to find me a new assignment but nothing was “fit for me”.  Fortunately, the organization that I was temping for really liked me and I got a call almost immediately asking me to come back.

Now I have a full time position that is not related to the arts in any way and I couldn’t be happier.  This unfortunately means that I have to make hard decisions about what freelance or personal work to keep up with and what to let go of.  My 9 to 5 schedule means that I can not keep up with the burlesque costuming that I was doing throughout most of 2014.  It also means giving up some freelance, although I will never make as much with writing as I will with design, photography and website management, I’m choosing to keep the writing.  This was a daunting decision to make because I am not a strong writer, but it makes me happier then the other work that I’ve been engaged in.  Since I’ve chosen to keep up with this aspect of my personal/ freelance work it means that I can keep blogging!

Moving forward blogging will no longer be my crutch, it will be my hobby.  This means that I will not be making any promises as to publishing a certain number of articles per month or week but rather that I will be taking on what I can.  I have sincerely missed writing up articles and reviews for you but I had to get head straight before jumping back in.  I think that I can finally say that I am in a place of personal happiness with healthy professional and personal relationships meaning that I can move forward and enjoy all aspects of my life.

If you’ve stuck with me this far, stay tuned I have some great things planned for 2015!




Some upcomicoming changes

So once again I’ve been absent from the blog for a length of time.  I’m still pretty sick and I’m still trying to figure out how blogging works with my schedule and life, so I’m making a change.  I originally tried to follow a schedule thinking that deadlines would help me write, but in the end I felt to much pressure to write certain things at certain times.  Instead I’m going to start publishing in a more organic style, I’m hoping to keep up with the regular columns, but they may not be posted monthly anymore.  I so happy to see that my readership is growing despite my absence and I can not thank you all enough for your support.  I can’t wait to provide you with more unique and original content and as time goes by I hope I can figure out how to keep the creativity flowing.