Discontinued Beauties: Trashy Diva 40’s Kimono Dress

Every now and again I pick up a dress on eBay, or a swap/sell FaceBook group that has been long discontinued by the manufacturer.  Sometimes it’s an older style that I’ve never got around to purchasing, other times it’s a style that I didn’t necessarily want until after seeing it styled in real life.  This dress certainly falls into the former category.

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Tulip’s Closet: Anthropologie



Since this column is all about showing you what’s in my closet I want to make sure to show you all aspects of my wardrobe, not just the pinup inspired goodies.  Anthropologie is one of my pit stops for interesting textiles and unique folk inspired patterns.  I have this love/hate relationship with the company because Anthroplogie is owned by URBN inc (the same people who also own Urban Outfitters), and that owner gives shit tons of money ultra conservative and anti-gay causes.  I’ve been told by employees that the crazy right wing conservatism generally ends there, but it’s still fucked up.  I reconcile this by pretty much buying items when they are on sale.  Most of the items that you’ll see in this post I purchased for more than half off, which means the company didn’t actually make money off my purchase.  The items i didn’t purchase at a ridiculous discount are items that I needed right away and were incredibly well crafted, because sometimes Antro has really high end production.

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The Seamstress Diaries: Butterik 6173


I began sewing about 9 years ago and although I love creating my own garments I have a serious problem with finishing them.  After getting a gig writing for The Lingerie Addict, I found myself fully immersed in bringing these projects to completion.  Since my column at TLA means sewing several pieces to completion I decided that I should try and complete some individual projects.  So I purchased a bunch of $1.00 patterns and determined to create some non-lingerie garments for myself.  My first completed piece (well nearly completed, I still need to fix the closure)  is this re-released vintage Butterick Dress.

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Tulip’s Closet: Pinup Girl Clothing

Pug logo
Welcome the first edition of Tulip’s Closet, today I will be featuring Pinup Girl Clothing.  Pinup girl or PUG for short is one of my absolute favorite brands.  If it were financially possible I would have at least one of each style they’ve put out but alas a girl must pick and choose.

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