Musings: Full Busted and Rejecting the Underwired Bra

After my size changed and I entered the full bust market, I took to the blogosphere to find information on how to handle my new size. Sure different sites had different tips and tricks but no matter where I went, one bit of advice was always present. You must always wear an underwire bra. Don’t get me wrong underwires are great, but you don’t have to wear one just because you have a large chest. It took me quite some time to come to this conclusion.  Everywhere I looked full busted women were telling me that I need constant support, wear an underwire during the day and if you don’t want to wear one at night wear something softer but that still lifts the girls up.  I tried this for a while but my breasts began to hurt all the time. Continue reading “Musings: Full Busted and Rejecting the Underwired Bra”