Discontinued Beauties: Trashy Diva 40’s Kimono Dress

Every now and again I pick up a dress on eBay, or a swap/sell FaceBook group that has been long discontinued by the manufacturer.  Sometimes it’s an older style that I’ve never got around to purchasing, other times it’s a style that I didn’t necessarily want until after seeing it styled in real life.  This dress certainly falls into the former category.

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Spring Lingerie Lust List

I’ve always loved lingerie, but over the past few years it has taken a backseat to my need for clothing.  Between gaining weight, my body changing shape and changing jobs I’ve had to build my wardrobe from almost nothing.  However, now that I’ve finally settled into a job and  have plenty of clothes for nights out and burlesque ventures,  it’s finally time to start focusing on lingerie!

In the following post, I’ve compiled a number of items that fall into different categories.   Each category represents a different kind of lingerie that I’d like to incorporate into my wardrobe.  With options ranging from bralettes to corsets, I’m sure you’ll find something you love as well.


Lounging in luxury

Lounging in Luxury // A // B // C // D // E // F //

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Glamour Ghouls

voodoo   lilith black widow  Glamour Ghoul


Forever_Dead_Swing_Skirt B Movie Widow zombie

Halloween is around the corner which means trick or treat-ers, costume parties and scary movies.  I’m just starting to get into cosplay, but historically I haven’t really worn a costume to a Halloween event since 9th grade.  However, I do love Halloween and I can still feel decked out in these macabre designs.

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Tulip’s Closet: Pinup Girl Clothing

Pug logo
Welcome the first edition of Tulip’s Closet, today I will be featuring Pinup Girl Clothing.  Pinup girl or PUG for short is one of my absolute favorite brands.  If it were financially possible I would have at least one of each style they’ve put out but alas a girl must pick and choose.

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Monthly ModCloth

Welcome to Monthly Modcloth!  Modcloth is a shop that I find myself visiting regularly due to their vast selection and constant stream of new arrivals.  Since I can’t possibly keep up with all of the purchases I would like to make, I decided to make a regular column listing my favorites.  Here are my 15 favorite pieces from this months New Arrivals.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 9.11.35 PM

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